Biography-Srimath Chidambara Periya Swamigal



Approximately 150 years ago a saint by name Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal (original name – veerasamy) was born in a village named ariyambakkam near trichy to a rich couples of munniyappan and periyanayaki. His guru was kulandaivel. He had utmost bliss from Lord Shiva and when he reached Sri Dhandeswarar Temple in vedsineni [now Velachery] he realized the fact that is it had some repairing to be done.

When he was worrying as to how he could give the laborers for their work to be done in the temple the order from Lord Shiva came that the “Give the Udhi” ( Vibhudi as it is called ) and to the surprise of everybody the Udhi changed into the salary which the laborers deserve.

One day when Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal was roaming around at night he saw a group of thieves and the thieves hide themselves in a tree when they saw the saint and they were able to come only after they got the order from the saint to come out. By the grace of Lord Shiva Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal was able to complete the repairing work in Sri Dhandeswarar Temple in Velachery.

Just when he thought he could go around to other Shiva Temples too for Dharshan a serpent stopped him from going out of the temple. When he tried to go out of the temple by other gate the same serpent stopped him again. Therefore he realized that he had some important assignment to complete in velachery and thereafter he continued to stay in this temple..

The benefits that the people of Velachery got by the grace of Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal was great and he made each and every people who came to him happy by removing all their problems. Realizing the fact that he is going to leave this body and reach the ultimate spiritual stage of Mukthi   soon, he chose a place and made all the arrangements even though the British Government which existed at that point of time considered it as a crime, However srimad Chidambara periya swamigal decided to enter in to samadhi state alive.

On December 4th 1858 Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal came to the place where a small pit was dug up for his Mukthi. He consoled the people around him who cried and blessed them. He then sat on the asana and after a few minutes around 9:45 AM when the doctors checked him they declared that he has left his body but people still believe that he is still living and that by his grace so many problems were solved.