About the Temple

About the Temple of Srimath Chidambara Periya Swamigal


Another specialty about this temple is that there are about 18 - siddhars statues have been consecrated along with 9 other Mahan’s [saints] statues in this temple and special Abishekas and are done regularly.

Guru Pooja is done regularly every Thursdays and on full moon days between 11.30 am -1.00 pm followed by annadhanam. We expect our well-wishers and like minded people at the out set to visit Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal temple at velachery and also take part the humble service we do in the interest of needy people. Your visit will be a source of inspiration. One can come and enjoy the ultimate divine pleasure from this powerful Jeeva samadhi of the blissful saint srimad Chidambara periya swamigal temple.

The holy divine work written by Srimad Chidambara periya swamigal containing [175 songs –dhandapaniswara padigam] titled “UPADESA UNMAI” is available for sale at the temple premises.